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NSF IGERT 2013 Video & Poster Competition
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NSF IGERT 2011 Video & Poster Competition

Project Contributions

Project: Multinational Collaborations on Challenges to the...

University of Washington

This project has 15 site contributions.

Title Category Type Posted At
IGERT experience challenges trainee to learn deeply Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
Natural organic matter in drinking water Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
Human impacts on Jiuzhaigou National Park Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
Formation of hillslope terraces in JNP Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
New College of the Environment at UW Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
Issues in multinational, interdisciplinary research Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
IGERT program increases trainee's academic network Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
IGERT program expands trainee's studies Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
Transformative experiences for first year trainees Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
Date of human habitation in Jiuzhaigo National Park Extended Showcase Highlight 12/03/09
Guam's Birds Gone: Can Forest Survive? Library Article 10/08/09
Economist Hedges Bets on Wildfires in California Library Student research 07/24/09
Integrative Assessment of Bioenergy Production on the Yakama Reservation and Imlications for the Intermountain West Library Student research, Project vignette 06/08/09
Sustainable Forestry Practices Library Curricula, Fieldtrip 06/08/09
Interdisciplinary Research in Jiuzhaigou National Park, China Showcase Highlight 02/16/09