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New College of the Environment at UW

Education Achievements

New College of the Environment at UW

Many of the things we have learned have been or are currently being institutionalized. Specifically, as the University of Washington begins to develop a new College of the Environment and associated research and teaching institutes within the College, course contents and experiences from this as well as other IGERTs are being reviewed for adoption. Similar to experiences shared by other IGERT projects, we felt that it took several iterations before we had a first-year experience that worked well and could be institutionalized with only minor modification. Although the original IGERT proposal focused on developing specific international partnerships and identified seven institutions, we have enabled students to both use these original partners (China: Sichuan University, Tsinghua, Japan: Tohoku, Mozambique: Eduardo Mondlane, New Zealand: Auckland, Namibia: The Polytechnic Institute, South Africa: KwaZulu Natal, and Vietnam: Can Tho) as well as an array of many other institutions.