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Issues in multinational, interdisciplinary research

Education Achievements

Issues in multinational, interdisciplinary research

Final Program Content: Students explored concepts and issues likely facing anyone doing multinational, interdisciplinary, environmental research. There are four core foci to these courses: (1) what does it mean to do multinational research, (2) what is the environment (and how do culture, discipline, institutions affect definitions and perceptions of), (3) what is a discipline, its epistemology and its culture and how do they develop and impact the person rooted in that discipline and (4) what is research that involves more than one discipline and how might different models of discipline-to-discipline interaction be defined and portrayed? An eight-day, intensive, placed-based field trip that revolved around discussions with stakeholders representing different perspectives on shared environmental problems between the US and Canada started the year. The year ended with an international, pulse-style research trips to China.