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IGERT program expands trainee's studies

Trainee Achievements

IGERT program expands trainee's studies

Tho Nguyen, Cohort I: As an electrical engineer with focus on control systems, my training has been largely in the realm of physical science. With participation in the IGERT program, I was able to expand my studies in two important directions: 1. Interdisciplinary: My research investigates the effective and efficient control of river systems in the Mekong delta. This project allows me to apply my training in a broader application with a definite practical outcome while refining my control engineering skills. The expansion into natural science - especially focusing on the environment - has made me a much better rounded researcher. 2. Multinational: On the practical side, the IGERT program bridges my work with an application in a developing nation where the practical results are much more needed. Learning to live and work in a third world country while carrying out my research has been an invaluable experience.