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IGERT experience challenges trainee to learn deeply

Trainee Achievements

IGERT experience challenges trainee to learn deeply

Beth Wheat, Cohort I: My IGERT experience challenged me to both learn deeply about a field and also work interdisciplinarily. The strength of this approach has been manifested in my dissertation research. For my dissertation I have worked on three separate projects each related to aquatic ecology and the theory of ecosystem engineering. The IGERT has directly influenced two of my dissertation projects - Anthropogenic Nitrogen Sources in The Hood Canal, Washington, and The Demography and Migration of Machrobrachium Shrimp in La Cangreja, Costa Rica. In each of these projects I have worked with community members, government scientists, and other researchers to better understand complex issues. I have continually drawn on my experience in the IGERT to both help me communicate with people outside my field and to build institutional connections with non-academic organizations.