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02/10/2015 The “Second Place” Problem: Assistive Technology in Sports and (Re) Constructing Normal Student/Faculty Work Denise A. Baker article, student research public
06/13/2014 Physical-scale model designs for engineered log jams in rivers Student/Faculty Work Michael S. Gallisdorfer, Sean J. Bennett, Joseph F. Atkinson, S. Mohammad Ghaneeizad, Andrew P. Brooks, Andrew Simon, Eddy J. Langendoen article, article abstract public
12/10/2013 Story from a Dolphin Morgue Student/Faculty Work Matthew S. Leslie Podcast public
06/27/2013 Evening methane emission pulses from a boreal wetland correspond to convective mixing in hollows Student/Faculty Work Godwin CM, PJ McNamara and CD Markfort article, student research public
06/04/2013 Demography and movement patterns of leopard sharks (Triakis semifasciata) aggregating near the head of a submarine canyon along the open coast of southern California, USA Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Andrew P. Nosal, D. C. Cartamil, J.W. Long, M Luhrmann, N.C. Wegner, J.B Graham article, student research public
01/24/2013 Journal of Industrial Ecology Special Issue: Sustainable Urban Systems Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work journal issue, journal article public
01/23/2013 Experimental study of the impact of large-scale wind farms on land–atmosphere exchanges Articles of Interest Wei Zhang, Corey D Markfort and Fernando Porté-Agel article public
09/22/2012 Improving Slow Sand Filters for Water-Limited Communities Student/Faculty Work Angélica Erazo-Oliveras, Olga L. Mayol-Bracero, and Rafael A. Ríos-Dávila faculty research, student research public
08/29/2012 Turbulent flow and scalar transport through and over aligned and staggered wind farms Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Corey D. Markfort, Wei Zhang, Fernando Porté?Agel article, student research public
08/22/2012 Incidence and Spatial Distribution of Caribbean Yellow Band Disease in La Parguera, Puerto Rico Student/Faculty Work Francisco Soto-Santiago, Ernesto Weil article public
01/03/2012 Mechanism of Sulfur Incorporation into Solution Processed CuIn(Se,S)2 Films Student/Faculty Work Choong-Heui Chung, Bao Lei, Brion Bob, Sheng-Han Li, William W. Hou, Hsin-Sheng Duan, and Yang Yang journal article, faculty research, student research public
01/03/2012 Radiation transfer in photobiological carbon dioxide fixation and fuel production by microalgae Student/Faculty Work Laurent Pilon, Halil Berberoglu, Razmig Kandilian faculty research, student research, journal article public
12/29/2011 A economia da informação, estrategicamente ignorada no Protocolo de Nagoya sobre acesso aos recursos genéticos Student/Faculty Work Joseph Henry Vogel, Nora Álvarez-Berríos, Norberto Quiñones-Vilche, Jeiger L. Medina-Muñiz, Dionisio Pérez-Montes, Arelis I. Arocho-Montes, Nicole Vale-Merniz, Ricardo Fuentes-Ramirez, Gabriel Marrero-Girona, Emmanuel Valcárcel Mercado, Julio Santiago-Rio faculty research, student research public
12/20/2011 Membrane-based production of salinity-gradient power Student/Faculty Work Guy Z. Ramon, Benjamin J. Feinberg and Eric M. V. Hoek journal article, student research, faculty research public
12/14/2011 Fused Silver Nanowires with Metal Oxide Nanoparticles and Organic Polymers for Highly Transparent Conductors Student/Faculty Work Rui Zhu, Choong-Heui Chung, Kitty C. Cha, Wenbing Yang, Yue Bing Zheng, Huanping Zhou, Tze-Bin Song, Chun-Chao Chen, Paul S. Weiss, Gang Li, and Yang Yang journal article, student research, faculty research, interdisciplinary research public
12/14/2011 Plasmonic Polymer Tandem Solar Cell Student/Faculty Work Jun Yang, Jingbi You, Chun-Chao Chen, Wan-Ching Hsu, Hai-ren Tan, Xing Wang Zhang, Ziruo Hong, and Yang Yang journal article, student research, faculty research public
11/04/2011 Symposium on Indoor Air Quality in Developing Countries: Full Meeting Report Student/Faculty Work Ellison Carter, Matt Earnest, Elliott Gall, Brent Stephens meeting notes, student research public
11/02/2011 Advanced Clean Energy Science and Technology IGERT Curricula Diana Huffaker, Laurent Pilon curricula, syllabus public
11/02/2011 Introduction to Clean Energy Science and Technology Syllabus IGERT Curricula Diana Huffaker, Laurent Pilon curricula, syllabus public
10/25/2011 The Manju´a Fishery of Guatemala’s Caribbean: Balancing the Needs for Regional Ecosystem Productivity and National Food Security Student/Faculty Work William Heyman, Pablo Granados-Dieseldorff student research, faculty research public
10/27/2010 Thermal-dissipation sap flow sensors may not yield consistent sap-flux estimates over multiple years. Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Georgianne W. Moore, Barbara J. Bond, Julia A. Jones, Frederick C. Meinzer article public
10/27/2010 The control of vector-borne disease epidemics Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Geoffrey Hosack, Philippe Rossignol, Pauline van den Driessche article public
06/02/2010 Computer Vision Applications for Assessing Coral Reef Health Student/Faculty Work B.P. Neal , D.I. Kline, T.H. Konochick, O. Beijbom, T. Treibitz, S.J. Belongie, D.J. Kriegman, and B.G. Mitchell student research public
09/07/2009 Building a sustainable energy future: US actions for an effective energy economy transformation Articles of Interest National Science Board Task Force Report public
09/04/2009 Wind Sheltering of a Lake by a Tree Canopy or Bluff Topography Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Corey D. Markfort, Angel L. S. Perez, James W. Thill, Dane A. Jaster, Fernando Porté-Agel, and Heinz G. Stefan article abstract public
08/25/2009 Bridges and Barriers to developing and conducting interdisciplinary graduate-student team research Articles of Interest, IGERT Curricula, Interdisciplinary Ed Morse, Wayde; Nielsen-Pincus, Max; Force, Jo Ellen; Wulfhorst, J.D. article public
06/12/2009 Urban soils Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work article public
06/08/2009 Integrative Assessment of Bioenergy Production on the Yakama Reservation and Imlications for the Intermountain West Student/Faculty Work Rodney Cawston, Betzaida Batalla Garcia, Valerie Lieu, Lloyd Nackley, Jeff Richardson, Steve Rigdon, Daniel Schwartz, Kurt Zpies, Sara York student research, project vignette public
06/08/2009 Sustainable Forestry Practices IGERT Curricula UW curricula, fieldtrip public
06/06/2009 Biomass as feedstock for a bioenergy and bioproducts industry: The technical feasibility of a billion-ton annual supply Articles of Interest, IGERT Curricula R.D. Perlack, L.L. Wright, A.F. Turhollow, R.L. Graham, B.J. Stokes, D.C. Erbach Report public
05/06/2009 Fish is Great for Healthy Eating, but Shop Wisely Student/Faculty Work Cathy McNally op-ed public
05/06/2009 St. Anthony Falls Laboratory: Engineering, Environmental, Biological and Geophysical Fluid Mechanics Organizations and Websites website public
05/06/2009 The "Fire Stick Farming" Hypothesis: Austrailian Aboriginal Foraging Strategies, Biodiversity, and Anthropogenic Fire Mosaics Articles of Interest R. Bliege Bird, D. W. Bird, B. F. Codding, C. H. Parker, and J. H. Jones article public
05/06/2009 Stabilization Wedges: Solving the Climate Problem for the Next 50 Years with Current Technologies Articles of Interest S. Pacala and R. Socolow article public
05/06/2009 An Economic Analysis of Bio-Energy Options Using Thinnings from Overstocked Forests Articles of Interest Brian L. Polagye, Kevin T. Hodgson, and Philip C. Malte article public
05/06/2009 The Urban Stream Syndrome: Current Knowledge and the Search for a Cure Articles of Interest Christopher J. Walsh, Allison H. Roy, Jack W. Feminella, Peter D. Cottingham, Peter M. Groffan, and Raymond P. Morgan II article public
05/06/2009 Bio-Char Sequestration in Terrestrial Ecosystems - A Review Articles of Interest Johannes Lehmann, John Gaunt, and Marco Rondon article public
05/06/2009 The Role of Hydrogen in a Future Sustainable Energy System Articles of Interest A. Wokaun, U. Baltensperger, K. Boulouchos, F. Gassmann, W. Hoffelner, P. Jansohn, R. Palumbo, G. Scherer, A. Steinfeld, and S. Stucki article public
05/06/2009 Don't Forget Long-Term Fundamental Research in Energy Articles of Interest George M. Whitesides and George W. Crabtree article public
05/06/2009 Well-to-Wheel Analysis of Solar Hydrogen Production and Utilization for Passenger Car Transportation Articles of Interest Remo Felder and Anton Meier article public
05/06/2009 Does a Hydrogen Economy Make Sense? Articles of Interest Ulf Bossel article public
05/06/2009 Towards a Sustainable Hydrogen Economy: A Multi-Criteria Sustainability Appraisal of Competing Hydrogen Futures Articles of Interest William McDowall and Malcolm Eames article public
05/06/2009 Towards the Hydrogen Economy Articles of Interest Gregorio Marban and Teresa Valdes-Solis article public
05/06/2009 Fuels from Sunlight and Water Articles of Interest Aldo Steinfeld and Robert Palumbo article public
05/06/2009 The Glycerin Glut: Options for the Value-Added Conversion of Crude Glycerol Resulting from Biodiesel Production Articles of Interest Duan T. Johnson and Katherine A. Taconi article public
05/06/2009 Indigenous Influence on Forest Management on the Menominee Indian Reservation Articles of Interest Ronald L. Trosper article public
05/06/2009 Indigenous Knowledge Informing Management on Tropical Forests: The Link between Rhythms in Plant Secondary Chemistry and Lunar Cycles Articles of Interest Kristiina A. Vogt, Karen H. Beard, Shira Hammann, Jennifer O'Hara Palmiotto, Daniel J. Vogt, Frederick N. Scatena, and Brooke P. Hecht article public
05/06/2009 Do We Need Nuclear Power? Articles of Interest Peter Hodgson and Dennis Anderson article public
05/06/2009 Vehicle-to-Grid Power Fundamentals: Calculating Capacity and Net Revenue Articles of Interest Willett Kempton and Jasna Tomic article public
05/06/2009 The "Terra Preta" Phenomenon: A model for Sustainable Agriculture in the Humid Tropics Articles of Interest Bruno Glaser, Ludwig Haumaier, Georg Guggenberger, and Wolfgang Zech article public
05/06/2009 From Glycerol to Value-Added Products Articles of Interest Mario Pagliaro, Rosaria Ciriminna, Hiroshi Kimura, Michele Rossi, and Cristina Della Pina article public
05/06/2009 Towards Producing a Truly Green Biodiesel Articles of Interest A.B. Chhetri and M.R. Islam article public