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06/27/2013 Evening methane emission pulses from a boreal wetland correspond to convective mixing in hollows Student/Faculty Work Godwin CM, PJ McNamara and CD Markfort article, student research public
01/23/2013 Experimental study of the impact of large-scale wind farms on land–atmosphere exchanges Articles of Interest Wei Zhang, Corey D Markfort and Fernando Porté-Agel article public
09/29/2012 Identifying genetic signatures of selection in a non-model species, alpine gentian (Gentiana nivalis L.), using a landscape genetic approach Student/Faculty Work Helen Bothwell, Sarah Bisbing, Nina Overgaard Therkildsen, Lindsay Crawford, Nadir Alvarez, Rolf Holderegger and Stéphanie Manel article public
09/07/2012 You can change the Future Student/Faculty Work Lauren Linsmayer and Farnaz Farhang video public
09/07/2012 Turning the Pages of Earth's History Student/Faculty Work Scripps communications faculty research public
08/29/2012 Turbulent flow and scalar transport through and over aligned and staggered wind farms Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Corey D. Markfort, Wei Zhang, Fernando Porté?Agel article, student research public
12/29/2011 La economía de la Iniciativa Yasuní-ITT: cambio climático como si la termodinámica importara Student/Faculty Work Joseph Henry Vogel, con prefacio de Graciela Chichilnisky, y traducción del inglés por Iván Humberto Jiménez-Williams resource public
11/23/2011 Terrestrial mesofauna in above- and below-ground habitats: Taylor Valley, Antarctica Student/Faculty Work Simmons, B. L., Wall, D. H., Adams, B. J., Ayres, E., Barrett, J. E. & Virginia, R. A. article public
11/23/2011 Long-term experimental warming reduces soil nematode populations in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica Student/Faculty Work Simmons, B. L., Wall, D. H., Adams, B. J., Ayres, E., Barrett, J. E. & Virginia, R. A. article public
11/23/2011 Adaptation of Forests and People to Climate Change: A Global Assessment Report Student/Faculty Work Seppälä, R., Buck, A. & Katila, P. (eds.) Report public
11/23/2011 Loss of Sea Ice in the Arctic Student/Faculty Work Perovich, D.K. & Richter-Menge, J. A. article public
11/22/2011 Responses of insect pests, pathogens, and invasive plant species to climate change in the forests of northeastern North America: What can we predict? Student/Faculty Work Dukes, J., Pontius, J., Orwig, D., Garnas, J., Rodgers, V., Brazee, N., Cooke, B., Theoharides, K.A., Stange, E., Harrington, R., Ehrenfeld, J., Gurevitch, J., Lerdau, M., Stinson, K., Wick, R. & Ayres, M.P. article public
11/22/2011 Influence of sea ice cover on high latitude precipitation: Inferences from precipitation isotope measurements and a 2D model Student/Faculty Work Posmentier, E. S., Faiia, A., Feng, X., & Michel, F. A. abstract public
11/22/2011 The distribution and abundance of animal populations in a climate of uncertainty Student/Faculty Work Berggren, Å., Björkman, C., Bylund, H. and Ayres, M. P. article public
11/22/2011 Interactions between physical and biotic factors influence CO2 flux from Antarctic dry valley soils Student/Faculty Work Becky A Ball, Ross A Virginia, J E Barrett, Andy N Parsons, Diana H Wall article public
11/21/2011 Reassessing conservation goals in a changing climate Student/Faculty Work Camacho, A.E., H. Doremus, J.S. McLachlan, & B.A. Minteer article public
11/21/2011 Nitrous oxide emission from denitrification in stream and river networks Student/Faculty Work Beaulieu, J.J., J.L. Tank, S.K. Hamilton, P.J. Mulholland, A.M. Helton, G.C. Poole, R.O. Hall, B.J. Peterson, L.R. Ashkenas, L.W. Cooper, C.N. Dahm, W.K. Dodds, S.E. Findlay, N.B. Grimm, S.L. Johnson, W.H. McDowell, J.L. Meyer, H.M. Valett, C.P. Arango, M article public
07/19/2011 Climate Change: Multiplying Threats to National Security IGERT Curricula, Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work Alyson Fleming, Emily Kelly, Summer Martin, Lauren Franck, Jonathan Mark student project public
02/11/2011 A Growing Risk? Endangered Plants For Sale Online Student/Faculty Work Nell Greenfieldboyce Podcast public
01/26/2011 Regulate trade in rare plants Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Patrick D. Shirey and Gary A. Lamberti article, student research, student interdisciplinary research, faculty research public
06/08/2010 Plants and Oxygen Interdisciplinary Ed, Student/Faculty Work Kayla Kaiser, Julia Bailey-Serres project vignette public
06/02/2010 Computer Vision Applications for Assessing Coral Reef Health Student/Faculty Work B.P. Neal , D.I. Kline, T.H. Konochick, O. Beijbom, T. Treibitz, S.J. Belongie, D.J. Kriegman, and B.G. Mitchell student research public
12/09/2009 C-CHANGE Brochure IGERT Curricula brochure public
12/09/2009 C-CHANGE Flyer IGERT Curricula flyer public
12/06/2009 Assisted colonization under the U.S. Endangered Species Act Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Patrick D. Shirey, Gary A. Lamberti article, student interdisciplinary research public
09/11/2009 Summer Syllabus IGERT Curricula Jeremy Jackson, Penny Dockry curricula public
09/04/2009 Wind Sheltering of a Lake by a Tree Canopy or Bluff Topography Articles of Interest, Student/Faculty Work Corey D. Markfort, Angel L. S. Perez, James W. Thill, Dane A. Jaster, Fernando Porté-Agel, and Heinz G. Stefan article abstract public
07/22/2009 Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States Articles of Interest U.S. Global Change Research Program Report public
07/08/2009 Institute of Arctic Studies Organizations and Websites resource public
07/08/2009 Report on Arctic Environmental Security Articles of Interest Ross Virginia, Kenneth Yalowitz, James Collins Report public
06/17/2009 Ecological Impacts of Climate Change Articles of Interest Committee on Ecological Impacts of Climate Change article public
05/06/2009 With Waters Rising, It's Time to know What's Going to Happen to RI Coastline Student/Faculty Work Nathan Vinhateiro op-ed public
05/06/2009 The World's Largest Mine-Shaft Canary Student/Faculty Work Leslie Smith op-ed public
05/06/2009 Coastal Lagoons and Climate Change: Ecological and Social Remifications in U.S. Atlantic and Gulf Coast Ecosystems Student/Faculty Work Abigail Anthony, Joshua Atwood, Peter August, Carrie Byron, Stanley Cobb, Cheryl Foster, Crystal Fry, Arthur Gold, Kifle Hagos, Leanna Heffner, D.Q. Kellogg, Kimberly Lellis-Dibble, James J. Opaluch, Candace Oviatt, Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert, Nicole Rohr, Les article public
05/06/2009 Invasion of Tropical Fish Could Threaten Native Species Student/Faculty Work Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert op-ed public
05/06/2009 Coastal Firms, Fisheries Need Healthy Estuaries Student/Faculty Work Kimberly Lellis-Dibble op-ed public
05/06/2009 Where Have All the Mussels Gone? Student/Faculty Work Kifle Hagos op-ed public
05/06/2009 Rhode Island has a Major Stake in Control of Greenhouse Gases Student/Faculty Work Ronan Roche op-ed public
05/06/2009 Stabilization Wedges: Solving the Climate Problem for the Next 50 Years with Current Technologies Articles of Interest S. Pacala and R. Socolow article public
05/06/2009 Bio-Char Sequestration in Terrestrial Ecosystems - A Review Articles of Interest Johannes Lehmann, John Gaunt, and Marco Rondon article public
05/06/2009 A Plan to Keep Carbon in Check Articles of Interest Robert H. Socolow and Stephen W. Pacala article public