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NSF IGERT 2013 Video & Poster Competition
NSF IGERT 2012 Video & Poster Competition
NSF IGERT 2011 Video & Poster Competition

Project Contributions

Project: IGERT: Dynamics of behavioral shifts in human evolution:...

George Washington University

This project has 58 site contributions.

Title Category Type Posted At
Trainees mentor undergraduate student Showcase Achievement 12/03/13
Protocols for analysis of pigment samples from palaeolithic sites Showcase Achievement 12/03/13
'Right of birth' for chimpanzee born to high-ranking mothers Showcase Achievement 12/03/13
Techniques integrated from labs benefits research Showcase Achievement 12/03/13
Women in Science Series Showcase Achievement 12/03/13
Koobi Fora Field School (KFFS) in Kenya Showcase Achievement 12/03/13
Public Understanding of Science course Showcase Achievement 12/03/13
Brain growth in wild mountain gorillas examined Showcase Achievement 12/03/13
Collaboration with geneticists, primatologists, biomedical veterinarians Showcase Achievement 12/03/13
What can fossil footprints teach us about our evolution? NSF IGERT 2013 Video & Poster Competition Video & Poster 05/20/13
Engineering method applied to hypothesis in anthropology Showcase Achievement 12/18/12
Age-linked neural changes in humans Showcase Achievement 12/18/12
Investigation of the gene, GRIN3A Showcase Achievement 12/18/12
Trainees participate in public education programs Showcase Achievement 12/18/12
Collection of mountain gorilla skeletal remains Showcase Achievement 12/18/12
New lab manual for undegraduate course Showcase Achievement 12/18/12
Trainee designs course for Rwandan students Showcase Achievement 12/18/12
Adhesive properties of hafting glues Showcase Achievement 12/18/12
Chewing is more complicated than you think Showcase Highlight 12/18/12
Three Geochemical Approaches to Ochre Pigment Provenance in northern Malawi NSF IGERT 2012 Video & Poster Competition Video & Poster 05/21/12
Plant Microfossils in dental calculus demonstrate consumption of plants and cooked foods in Neanderthal diets Showcase Highlight 11/21/11
Morphology of neurons in cerebral cortex of elephants Showcase Achievement 10/24/11
Growth differences between baboons Showcase Achievement 10/24/11
New Avenues and Directions in Neuroscience symposium Showcase Achievement 10/24/11
Pleistocene archaeology and environments in Kenya Showcase Achievement 10/24/11
Starch grains and microfossils on Neanderthal teeth Showcase Achievement 10/24/11
Innovative methods in dietary ecology workshop Showcase Achievement 10/24/11
Archeological site bears tools and butchered animals Showcase Achievement 10/24/11
Microstructure of foot joints unique in humans Showcase Achievement 10/24/11
Connecting the dots between gorilla bones and conservation biology Showcase IGERT Story 10/17/11
Hormones, life history, and hair Showcase IGERT Story 09/28/11
Teaching South African students about the past Showcase IGERT Story 09/28/11
Learning with the great apes Showcase IGERT Story 09/28/11
A volumetric comparison of insular regions in anthropoid primates based on cytoarchitectonics NSF IGERT 2011 Online Poster Competition Poster 05/05/11
Walking tall Showcase Highlight 11/28/10
Cracking the secret of enamel Showcase Highlight 11/28/10
New, well-preserved footprints in Kenya Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Two educational workshops held Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Interdisciplinary biweekly journal club Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Building ties with local universities Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Functional activity and bone development Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Functional role of tufts in tooth enamel Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Patterns of brain asymmetry in chimpanzees Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Aspects of early human diets reconstructed Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Evolution of human language abilities Showcase Achievement 10/13/10
Biomechanical analysis of human tool use Showcase IGERT Story 10/08/10
Showing high-schoolers their own genotype Showcase IGERT Story 10/08/10
IGERT student receives NSF-DDIG for research on malarial resistance Showcase IGERT Story 10/08/10
Geometric morphometrics and the primate arm Showcase IGERT Story 06/10/10
Elucidating the extinction of North American Pleistocene megafauna Showcase IGERT Story 06/10/10
First evidence of human consumption of barley Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
Tooth enamel fractures in human ancestors Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
Food acquisition and processing Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
Second-oldest footprints of our early ancestors Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
IGERT trainees win prize for oustanding research Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
New course on Ethics and Professional Skills Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
Biomechanical study of upper limb forces Showcase Achievement 03/24/10
The Earliest Human Footprints Showcase Highlight 11/19/09