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Increasing Efficacy for Lung Cancer Chemotherapeutics: Targeted Drug Delivery via the Protocell

63x 1.9 zoom z-stack Orthogonal View

63x 1.9 zoom z-stack Orthogonal View

Figure 1: A549 cell line: Positive binding of EGF conjugated protocell (no drug cargo in the protocell) on positive control, A549 cells displayed on both the left and right. The orthogonal view on the right shows a zoomed in image of the EGF conjugated protocell binding to the A549 plasma membrane. The stains seen in the confocal images are as follows: Dapi nuclear stain (contained in the VECTASHIELD HardSet Mounting Medium with DAPI), Invitrogen CellMask Orange plasma membrane stain (C10045), Thermo Scientific Dylight 488 green silica in the protocell.

Credits: Annikka Jensen, University of New Mexico