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Trainees educated in various disciplines



The Solar Economy (SEIGERT)


Purdue University
(West Lafayette, IN)


Rakesh Agrawal

Research Achievements

Trainees educated in various disciplines

This is the first year of the SEIGERT program and the students in the program who are Associates will be trainees in the fall. These Associates in the program spend a large portion of their time in course work. In terms of this educational experience, Associates are getting trained in courses outside their own discipline. For example, Bryce Walker, a chemical engineer, is taking Solid State Devices (ECE606) and Semiconductor Material and Device Characterization (ECE 658); Hye-Yeon Park, a chemical engineer is taking Electronic Techniques for Research (PHYS 536), Scanning Electron Microscopy (MSE597) and TEM Skills (MSE 582); and Dharik Mallapragada, a chemical engineering student doing energy systems analysis, is taking Stochastic Dynamic Programming in Krannert School of Management (MGMT 690). In each case, the Associate is acquiring valuable cross disciplinary skill needed for the successful execution of this interdisciplinary SEIGERT research theme.