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Multidisciplinary teams of associates



The Solar Economy (SEIGERT)


Purdue University
(West Lafayette, IN)


Rakesh Agrawal

Research Achievements

Multidisciplinary teams of associates

A unique aspect of this SEIGERT program is that, in its very first year, we have been able to assemble a multidisciplinary team of Associates working together in the same lab on different aspects of nanocrystal based solar cells. Thus we have recruited Jim Moore (ECE), Wei-Chang (David) Yang (MSE), Bryce Walker (ChE) and, Hye-Yeon Park (ChE). They are taking courses that are outside their primary field of study. They are also participating in periodic team meetings where the individuals present their findings, comment on each others research and make important suggestions to each other. Associates have periodic meetings with joint advisors from different disciplines where they present and discuss their research. As a consequence of these activities, each Trainee is acquiring cross disciplinary education and bringing aspects of research from his/her discipline to their fellow team members that would otherwise not be possible.