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Mixed-reality learning scenarios

Trainee Achievements

Mixed-reality learning scenarios

Trainee Lisa Tolentino is in her second year as a Media Arts & Sciences PhD candidate. She is a key member of the K-12 Embodied and Mediated Learning group, collaborating with researchers from Education, Psychology, Engineering, Music, and Design. She focuses on the realization of mixed-reality learning scenarios for STEM and Special Education and she collaborates weekly with teachers at a public high school. She recently completed a study regarding the efficacy of mixed-reality technology for Chemistry learning. She found significant gains by students and measurable improvements by teachers. This research is currently in press with the Journal of Science Education and Technology. Her research regarding Physics learning is in press with MIT’s International Journal of Learning and Media and she will demonstrate her work at the 2009 SIGGRAPH. Currently, Lisa leads a team to create interactive scenarios that foster social interaction among students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.