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IGERT trainees develop undergraduate course

Trainee Achievements

IGERT trainees develop undergraduate course

Education: Biological Invasions IGERT trainees Matthew Hufford and Clare Aslan developed a 4-credit undergraduate course they are teaching this spring quarter 2009. The course provides trainees with in-depth teaching experience and expands the impact of our new IGERT, Responding to Rapid Environmental Change, to undergraduates. The course, Californian Biodiversity and Rapid Environmental Change, consisted of two complementary parts: a week-long, spring break field course in which students assist with research on rapid environmental change; and a spring quarter, lecture course that explores the science and future trajectory of rapid environmental change with an emphasis on Californian species.

The course was offered in collaboration with other graduate students in ecology at UC Davis and with Dr. Robert Klinger, a US Geological Service staff member and REACH IGERT non-faculty trainer, who directed the spring break projects.