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BCBLab: an IGERT student organization

Trainee Achievements

BCBLab: an IGERT student organization

Achievements of BCBLab, an IGERT student organization, once again represent some of our most valuable and unique IGERT achievements. BCBLab provided consulting services for biological scientists at both ISU and NMSU. This benefited IGERT trainees who worked in teams to solve in real-world interdisciplinary research problems. Two additional BCBLab achievements included: 1) IGERT trainees collaborated with the director of ISU’s Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography Facility (former ISU IGERT trainee, Julie Hoy) in a new "Crystal Ball" project, which developed an online database and software to assist X-ray crystallographers in determining protein structures; 2) BCBLab offered workshops at ISU and NMSU, including: Scientific web development using PHP/MySQL; Microarray techniques and data analysis; Biological networks and systems biology (see