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Trainees write successful intramural grant proposal

Trainee Achievements

Trainees write successful intramural grant proposal

IGERT trainees (F Towfic, T Schwartz, S Boyken, with advice from Dobbs, IGERT PI), wrote and submitted a successful ISU intramural grant proposal for $ 30,000 to purchase computer hardware and software. This included 24 laptop computers, a mobile storage cabinet, and bioinformatics software, including PAUP and Pathway Studio. These resources will provide enhanced opportunities for hands-on-computer lab training using bioinformatics software packages and will provide computing resources to support the BCB 490, Undergraduate Research Experience, a course in which IGERT trainees serve as instructors and research mentors for undergraduates, gaining teaching and mentoring experience in the process. Writing and submitting this successful grant proposal was a valuable training experience for IGERT trainees!