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Publications demonstrate interdisciplinary breadth

Research Achievements

Publications demonstrate interdisciplinary breadth

Dan McGarvey published 3 journal articles from his tri-regional IGERT Ph.D. research this past year. The topics and co-authors of these publications demonstrate the interdisciplinary breadth of his IGERT project. One was an invited paper where he described how ecologists can successfully publish articles in law journals based on his experience with a previous publication (McGarvey, D.J. 2008. Tap into the law review literature-better yet, submit an article! Frontiers Ecol. Environ. 6:217-218). The second described fish species and discharge relationships in the SE U.S. (McGarvey, D.J. G.M. Ward. 2008. Taking a closer look at the species-discharge relationship for southeastern U.S.A. fishes-one zone at a time. Fresh. Biol. 53:2206-2219). The third was the result of his collaboration and IGERT internship with the EPA (McGarvey, D.J. R. Hughes. 2008. Longitudinal zonation of Pacific Northwest (U.S.A.) fish assemblages and the species-discharge relationship. Copeia 2008:311-321).