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Arabidopsis thaliana leaf development

Research Achievements

Arabidopsis thaliana leaf development

In order to characterize the transcriptional control that high level developmental regulators employ in Arabidopsis thaliana leaf development, Zachery Smith is utilizing the following high throughput methods: Chromatin immuno-precipitation followed by second generation sequencing and whole genome tiling array analysis of the transcriptome. These innovative systems biology approaches will provide a genome wide understanding of transcriptional elements that control leaf development. Because these experiments generate large data sets, Zachery is learning how to manage, analyze, and integrate the data from the Kay lab. The bioinformatics skills he acquires will help him to eventually generate a leaf developmental network. The PSB IGERT grant has provided both the framework (e.g. interdisciplinary atmosphere) and tools (e.g. computers, data storage) to make his research possible. Zack’s advances are leading to systems level understanding of transcriptional control in leaf development.