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Metabolic networks and transcriptional regulation

Trainee Achievements

Metabolic networks and transcriptional regulation

As part of the IGERT program, Nathan Lewis worked with various laboratories to study metabolic networks and their transcriptional regulation. In one project he aided in the computational analysis of a number of CO2 sequestration pathways which they had designed. He compared these pathways to the Calvin cycle in a model of Chlamydomonas metabolism to predict efficiency in replacing the Calvin cycle. Interestingly, a handful of these pathways are predicted to be as good, or better than the Calvin cycle. In a another project, Nathan aided an effort to use "omic" technologies to build a model of Arabidopsis metabolism. Nathan also gained skills in modeling transcriptional regulation and nucleosome dynamics. These skills will be used with the Arabidopsis metabolic model in the future. These collaborative and training experiences would not have been possible without the international training opportunity.