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Hybrid nanocrystals for therapeutics

Research Achievements

Hybrid nanocrystals for therapeutics

Another outcome of the IGERT research this funding period was the development of hybrid nanocrystals for therapeutics. The investigators believe that by taking advantage of the enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) effect (passive targeting), the nanocrystals can accumulate around pathological tissue sites. Besides serving as solely as therapeutic vehicle, these nanocrystals may also be utilized as a diagnostic tool. Currently, they are fabricating hybrid nanocrystals, where gold nanoparticles as imaging agents are incorporated in the nanocrystals lattice. Because of their large electron density, gold nanoclusters have been used as an X-ray contrast agent for in vivo bioimaging. The group has successfully made camptothecin (CPT) nanocrystals with a mean size less than 800 nm by employing anti-solvent method. Future plans include utilizing a static mixer as an alternative venue to produce narrowly distributed nanocrystals.