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New multidisciplinary course on Bionanotechnology

Education Achievements

New multidisciplinary course on Bionanotechnology

The trainees participated in a new multidisciplinary course, "Bionanotechnology: Interfaces and Devices", which introduced the small-scale biological and synthetic structures and resulting miniature technologies on the biological and medical fields. The fundamental science behind the technologies was discussed, highlighting micro- and nanoscale systems. Diagnostic and therapeutic applications were examined with emphasis on cutting-edge research activities and current commercially available technologies. The trainees were also divided into teams and worked on a problem related to the course theme. At the end of the semester, they wrote a proposal describing their solution to the problem and presented their solution orally. The overall evaluation of the course was a 3.6/4.0. The trainees especially felt that the course increased their appreciation for the need for multidisciplinary interaction in the field of bionanotechnology.