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Textbook on Resilience-Based Ecosystem Stewardship

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Textbook on Resilience-Based Ecosystem Stewardship

Textbook on Resilience-Based Ecosystem Stewardship. A major challenge for IGERT programs in small universities like the University of Alaska Fairbanks is to have an impact that extends significantly beyond the home institution. We have completed a textbook on the central topical area of our IGERT: Resilience-Based Ecosystem Stewardship. This textbook provides a new framework for natural resource management--a framework based on stewardship of ecosystems for ecological integrity and human well-being in a world dominated by uncertainty and change. The goal of ecosystem stewardship is to respond to and shape changes in social-ecological systems in order to sustain the supply and availability of ecosystem services by society. The book links recent advances in the theory of resilience, sustainability, and vulnerability with practical issues of ecosystem management and governance.