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Lab modules expose students to new techniques

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Lab modules expose students to new techniques

Lab Modules: As the clear pinnacle of the IGERT curriculum, lab modules are modeled after professional workshops designed to showcase a particular experimental technique. The interdisciplinary value of lab modules is exposure (in a hands-on environment) to techniques perhaps not otherwise encountered in single discipline of study. Five lab modules were offered last summer. On the day of registration release, lab modules were filled to 95% capacity, with 77% of IGERT members (fellows and associates) participating. Value is widely demonstrated through: (1) assessment activities, (2) trainee follow-up with instructors as they seek ways to integrate techniques into their research, (3) creation of trainee-trainee collaborations as these small, interactive lab modules prove to be valuable networking opportunities, and (4) trainee-initiated requests to develop and instruct future lab modules in their areas of expertise.