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Industrial internship at Proctor Gamble

Trainee Achievements

Industrial internship at Proctor Gamble

Through work with IGERT industry partners, Chemical Engineering IGERT Associate, Vishal Gaurav, completed an industrial internship in the RD group of the Procter Gamble (PG) Global Biotechnology Division. Vishal worked to develop better preclinical predictive skin-type models for product testing, in response to PG’s ban on animal testing. As an engineering student, Vishal valued the hands-on work with biological applications aimed at using skin explants to provide a maximal skin organ, mature adult skin barrier, and a fully functional multi-cellular dermis to mimic clinical skin environments. To hone interdisciplinary skills, Vishal was involved with several inter-departmental projects and trainings, and collaborated with researchers across diverse groups, including moisture, anti-aging, tone, skin cancer, longevity and dandruff. In honor of his outstanding performance and exceptional commitment to teamwork, Vishal received the Best Summer Intern award at PG.