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IGERT program facilitates networking

Trainee Achievements

IGERT program facilitates networking

Biology IGERT Associate Janel Pariseau has truly capitalized on the networking opportunities facilitated by the Fundamentals of Cellular Engineering, lab modules, and Professional Development Seminar. Through these activities, she quickly learned the "who does what" on campus and proactively sought the collaborations necessary to take her thesis project forward. Janel’s research examines the role of motor proteins in mitosis. Upon learning that her motor protein cannot be produced in bacterial systems due to misfolding complications, she turned to Biochemistry & Molecular Biology IGERT Trainee Nat Clark, whose lab has perfected protein expression in insect cells. Thinking downstream, Janel’s project requires biophysical assays to assess motor protein function. She quickly thought of Physics IGERT Advisor Ross, who is an expert on studying motor proteins in vitro. Janel’s insightful planning culminated in a Student Training Grant for interdisciplinary collaboration.