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Perceptual Systems course take interdisciplinary approach

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Perceptual Systems course take interdisciplinary approach

Thomas Papathomas has expanded his core course on Perceptual Systems to extend its relevance to the interdisciplinary student group. The course takes a 3-pronged cross-disciplinary approach: psychophysical, computational, and physiological. It covers visual and auditory percept; in particular, areas that illustrate similarities in signal processing in these two modalities, and challenge the students to draw analogies between the two modalities. The course covers classical, as well as current, papers in perceptual science and offers case studies of research in progress. It has been modified to give more emphasis on cross-disciplinary approaches, as opposed to covering mostly psychophysical aspects. Homework problems reinforce students' understanding of computational approaches. Physiological aspects are also covered as well as psychophysical methodology for the students who come from engineering or computer science.