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Sustainable energy planning in cities

Research Achievements

Sustainable energy planning in cities

Inter-disciplinary research protocols were developed to evaluate analytic deliberation for Sustainable Energy Planning in Cities. Researchers include 2 faculty members and 3 IGERT Trainees and Associates from Engineering, Health and Behavioral Sciences, and Public Affairs. Analytic deliberation (AD) combines analysis (e.g., from engineering and decision sciences) with deliberation amongst people on topics of mutual interest. There is limited experience to-date with AD for sustainable energy planning in cities. Research Protocols in our IGERT assess how AD evolves among task force members that meet and deliberate on climate action planning in the City and County of Broomfield, and in an on-line committee (control group) that does not have interaction. Both groups are provided technical information on pathways toward sustainable energy. The study assesses what learning occurred and how/if consensus was achieved during the task-force process.