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New Social Construction Workshop

Trainee Achievements

New Social Construction Workshop

IGERT Trainee Saba Siddiki has played a critical role in putting together the Social Construction Workshop. This is a two-day workshop put on at the University of Colorado Denver that will focus on the use and dissemination of the Social Construction Framework, an important framework in the field of public affairs that is often used in the field of environmental governance and politics. The workshop will focus on the genesis, conceptualization, application, and critique of the Social Construction Framework. Siddiki, and several her colleagues, were successful in submitting and obtaining a University Team Grant to fund the event. She also played a critical role in organizing the event and securing well-known academics to present. Ms. Siddiki and several of her peers, including IGERT Trainee Andrew Pattison, will present at this workshop on current applications of this framework which will include discussion on how it has been applied in the field of sustainability.