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Colloquium fosters open and dynamic dialogue among disciplines

Research Achievements

Colloquium fosters open and dynamic dialogue among disciplines

One of our overarching goals is the development of a truly open and dynamic dialogue among the various disciplines involved in the project (earth science, ecology, anthropology, economics, public policy). Such a dialogue is an essential first step in meeting our formal program goals of training experts and leaders on the issue of ACC who maintain a strong disciplinary focus while understanding the dynamics of CNH systems in response to ACC, conducting collaborative, interdisciplinary research across natural and social sciences, and developing innovative policy and management solutions from their research to foster resilience and adaptation in CNH systems under ACC. To accomplish this, we worked closely with our trainees to organize a regular research colloquium involving seven (7) schools/departments and three (3) programs. The colloquium has met biweekly and has involved trainee research presentations and discussions of the core literature in abrupt climate change and adaptation.