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Prominent environmental communications scholar visits A2C2 IGERT

Education Achievements

Prominent environmental communications scholar visits A2C2 IGERT

In February of 2013, the A2C2 IGERT hosted a visit by Dr. Matthew Nisbet, a prominent environmental communications scholar from American University. During his visit, Dr. Nisbet offered a seminar entitled "Engaging the Public and Decision Makers on Climate Change" which provided evidence from his recent research that suggests new directions for public communication that may allow us to break through the barriers contributing to the highly polarized and ossified nature of the contemporary public dialogue regarding climate change. Dr. Nisbet also offered two (2) private training sessions with UMaine graduate students and A2C2 trainees, and met extensively with faculty to develop ideas for a longer-term partnership with the A2C2 IGERT. In May 2013, the A2C2 IGERT and Dr. Nisbet will partner to offer a 1-week short course on climate-change-communication at UMaine. The course will be taken by our IGERT trainees and will be open to all interested faculty, graduate students, and staff.