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Trainees organize public seminar series

Education Achievements

Trainees organize public seminar series

In Winter 2013, the trainees organized and led a public seminar series in which speakers from diverse disciplines, institutions, and entities visited for two days. Speakers made presentations on aspects of ocean change, met with trainees for lunch and dinner, and met with other members of the UW community. Speakers included Henry Huntington (Anthropologist, arctic environments); Ken Caldiera (Geochemist, Stanford University); Mary Ruckelshaus (Ecologist; Director, Natural Capital Project); Christian Sinderman (Political Consultant, Seattle); Kathleen Dean Moore (Environmental Ethics, Oregon State University); Chris Sabine (Marine Geochemist and Director, NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory); Eric Laschever (Attorney, Seattle); Lisa Graumlich (Dean, UW College of the Environment); Peter Brewer (Marine Chemist, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute). Attendance was open to the entire UW community and the public. Attendance averaged about 100-125 people per seminar.