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Trainees conduct research for construction firm

Research Achievements

Trainees conduct research for construction firm

Three CHANGE students conducted research for Madison-based Findorff Construction, Inc. on 1) how it might reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cement, and 2) whether these innovations could fairly be used to market Findorff as a more 'green' firm. This effort was innovative because it made academic climate change research relevant to local corporate decisionmakers. The students presented their work to officers of the company in December 2008, and a larger, 50-person meeting in February 2009. In an email the client praised the students: "[Y]our students took up our challenge and by the end of the semester became more knowledgeable and articulate about these topics than the vast majority of the people in my industry. Findorff and I will always appreciate their efforts, and if these students are typical of the caliber of students emerging from the UW, then you are training individuals with the skill sets necessary to tackle some of the most difficult challenges facing our world."