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Seminars provide opportunities for interdisciplinary education

Education Achievements

Seminars provide opportunities for interdisciplinary education

One of our program’s goals is to provide excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary education to our students. Over 5 years we have offered 12 interdisciplinary seminars, out of which the most successful were co-taught by faculty from different departments. During Fall 2012 Bob Slevc (Psychology) and Jared Novick (Center for Advanced Study of Language) taught a seminar in language processing that catalyzed the development of several research projects among our students. During spring 2013 Hal Daumé (Computer Science), Jordan Boyd-Graber (iSchool) and Naomi Feldman (Linguistics) taught a cross-departmental computational linguistics seminar. Also, Yi Ting Huang (Hearing and Speech) and Jonathan Beier (Psychology) designed a class to explore the origins and development of human knowledge in the individual child and review in detail conceptual development within a number of different domains.