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HealthScapes: organizing data on infectious disease

Trainee Achievements

HealthScapes: organizing data on infectious disease

Trainee Micah Hahn, working with CHANGE faculty Patz, Schneider, and Ozdogan, participated in the development of HealthScapes, a web-based infrastructure to manage, analyze, and share data to study the emergence of infectious diseases. HealthScapes formed the basis of a proposal submitted by an interdisciplinary team for a NIH Challenge Grant. Its aims include: 1) combine open-source analytical, visualization, and simulation tools that users to 'plug in' their own software for more detailed analysis; 2) improve collaboration among research teams; 3) promote collective intelligence to aid discovery; 4) foster collaboration among the environmental, medical, and open-source communities, and v) empower resource-limited users. Micah used notes from meetings of the disciplinarily/geographically diverse team (including faculty from a Hawaii IGERT) to draft the initial proposal outline. She researched meta-databases that will serve as feeds to HealthScapes and helped write the final grant.