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CHANGE cohort initiates joint reasearch project

Trainee Achievements

CHANGE cohort initiates joint reasearch project

The 2008-9 CHANGE cohort initiated a joint research/book project titled "We Can Get There," using an online wiki. The project, still in its early stages, explores the ways that environmental concerns transcend traditional left-right political viewpoints. Students note that messages promoting environmental action/lifestyles are often aimed at a white, middle class environmentalist population and don't reach others who could be inspired about these issues if they could connect environmentally-beneficial actions to their existing values (e.g. economics, health, family values, etc.). The students involved recognize that environmental problems are harder to solve when political preconceptions inhibit the search for answers. This project will review news reports and academic literature to understand and analyze potential areas of agreement about environmental problems and solutions across the political spectrum. Trainees Hahn, Stuhl, Schelly, and Whited led this effort.