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Training students to produce publishable studies

Education Achievements

Training students to produce publishable studies

One of the goals of the CHANGE-IGERT is to train students to produce publishable-quality environmental studies scholarship in interdisciplinary teams. The group assignments in our second semester 'place-based' course on sustainability allowed students to practice this skill. The spring 2008 semester of work resulted in two published book reviews (Littlefield, C., A. Mahlstedt, A. Popp, N. Trautmann, "Review of Neoliberal Environments, edited by N. Heynen, J. McCarthy, S Prudham, P Robbins; Routledge, London, 2007." Environment and Planning A 2008, volume 40, pp. 2028-2030, and Madden, E., M. Raby, A. Shudy Palmer, "Review of Weathering Risk in Rural Mexico: Climatic Institutional and Economic Change by Hallie Eakin, The University of Arizona Press, Tuscon, 2006." Society and Natural Resources (forthcoming)) as well as a white-paper on indoor air pollution in rural China that will be published in the Woodrow Wilson International Center’s "China Environment Forum" 2009 edition.