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IGERT trainees create high quality film

Trainee Achievements

IGERT trainees create high quality film

The California Department of Fish and Game recently asked our first IGERT cohort to make a film on endangered salmon runs in Northern California. This request was made because of the esteem held by CA Fish and Game for the first film made by this cohort for their IGERT collaborative project. The first film depicted tensions between CA Fish and Game and townspeople on efforts to control invasive northern pike introduced to Lake Davis (Fear and Fishing in Lake Davis). While the students, many of whom have graduated, are unlikely to accept this offer, this request was a testament to the quality and equal-handedness with which the students represented all the interested parties in the stand-off between the residents of Portola, CA and the CA Fish and Game. This film continues to be used as a teaching tool for many classes around the country and at UC Davis. Copies can be ordered at