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Diversity of trainees provides a wealth of perspectives

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Diversity of trainees provides a wealth of perspectives

A diverse group of trainees from Norfolk State University, Cornell University and Purdue University work collaboratively to design, implement and assess the IGERT-MNM activities every year. Seventeen participants make up our third-year cohort, twelve as trainees, and five as associate trainees. The students’ backgrounds and research areas include chemistry, engineering (optical, mechanical, electronic, education), materials science, and physics. Fifty percent (50%) of the trainees are females, and forty percent (42%) are African Americans. Associate trainees bring an international flavor to the team, representing four different nationalities, and the different perspectives of an African-American female from the Virgin Islands. In IGERT-MNM, trainees function in an inter-disciplinary, inter-campus, inter-gender, inter-racial, inter-ethnic and international environment that prepares them to succeed in an increasingly more integrated world.