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New course on nanotechnology and nanomedicine

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New course on nanotechnology and nanomedicine

A popular new course NNMD 5470 Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine Commercialization: From Concept To Market was introduced in Spring 2013. This course offers a comprehensive overview of key elements involved in commercialization of nanotechnology-based R&D from concept to market. Guest speakers will include venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and regulatory officials. This course also covers various business models, protection of intellectual property (IP), capital and financing, business valuation and transactions, regulatory process for technical and clinical validation of nano-based products, including nanodiagnostics and nanomedicine, and mechanisms for raising capital to support product development. Each student is required to complete two projects: (1) an individual project, (2) and a team project.
The course has been a resounding success creating a new nanomedicine innovation ecosystem at Northeastern and has brought wide visibility to the Nanomedicine IGERT program.