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Chapter written for book on ecosystem services

Research Achievements

Chapter written for book on ecosystem services

As a group, the PIs wrote a chapter for the upcoming book Vauling Ecosystem Services: Methodological issues and case studies; Edward Elgar Press. This was an international collaboration with a colleague in India, who invited us to submit a peer-reviewed chapter after learning of our program. In our chapter called, "Characterizing Urban Ecosystem Services: Integrating the biophysical and social dimensions of human dominated landscapes," we apply an original conceptual model to highlight three dimension of ecosystem services in Portland, OR: green building, vegetation, and stormwater management. We provide quantifiable measures of how these dimensions contribute to the economic, social and ecological quality of our study area and highlight a set of promising tools for quantifying ecosystem services within and around urban areas. We are currently expanding the conceptual approach used in this chapter to describe a pedagogical approach for training interdisciplinary scientists/engineers.