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Core courses restructured

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Core courses restructured

The ESUR IGERT core course series is intended to provide students with interdisciplinary training on ecosystem services supporting urbanizing regions- including ecological, social, geophysical and valuation aspects of ecosystem services. Feedback from our external evaluator (CIRGE), based on interviews with the 1st cohort, has led the core faculty to restructure the core courses to be on the cutting edge of interdisciplinary pedagogy. To do so, we restructured the series into: Theories of ES; Methods and Metrics of ES, Applications of ES; and Research and Scientific Ethics. Each course is now team-taught by 2 faculty from different disciplines, with active engagement of all core faculty in each class. Each class now engages Associated IGERT Faculty as well as a suite of community partners. The 3rd class is a project-based course in which the student cohort works together to address a real-world ES 'wicked problem' in collaboration with community partners.