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Trainee completes extramural coursework

Trainee Achievements

Trainee completes extramural coursework

Trainee Jennifer Crick (AMNH/RGGS) completed the NYCEP IGERT core courses in Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation and in Genetics. In addition, she completed the Graduate Seminar in Conservation Biology at Columbia University. This coursework expands her training well beyond the requirements of the regular RGGS doctoral program. Engagement in this extramural coursework fosters collaboration across institutions, in line with the interdisciplinary and cross-institutional collaborative research that transcends disciplinary boundaries as intended by the IGERT grant. Jennifer Crick also has a forthcoming first-author peer-reviewed publication (in review): Crick J, Suchak M, Eppley T, Campbell M, de Waal FGM. The roles of food quality and sex in chimpanzees sharing behavior (Pan troglodytes). Behavior.