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Genetic basis of toxic metal tolerance in plants

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Genetic basis of toxic metal tolerance in plants

Timothy Jobe's research in Julian Schroeder's and Elizabeth Komives labs with additional interaction with the Ecker lab is focused on understanding the genetic basis of toxic metal tolerance in plants. Tim is currently developing powerful new approaches to determine how plants respond to the toxic metal(loid)s cadmium and arsenic, which are commonly found in contaminated soil and surface waters. A recent publication describes his collaborative work with the Komives laboratory, which identifies and characterizes two new cadmium-sensitive mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana (Jobe et al. 2012, The Plant Journal). Tim Jobe's publication presents a new model for cadmium induced gene expression in plants. He has further identified novel transcriptional regulators of cadmium and arsenic detoxification genes in collaboration with members of the Kay laboratory and will be including his findings in a future publication as well as in his dissertation.