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Trainees teach biotechnology class at high school

Trainee Achievements

Trainees teach biotechnology class at high school

Trainees in their second year of funding are required to participate in an outreach activity in a high school setting. IGERT trainees Andrew Gloss and Parris Humphrey completed their requirement in a biotechnology class at Tucson High Magnet School. Andrew and Parris planned and lead a series of hands-on wet lab and computational exercises. The class had six students, of which 4 were women and 3 were under-represented minority students. Andrew and Parris experienced the challenges of adapting their activities and lectures to engage all of the students. Both Andrew and Parris felt they benefited from the project as much as the students did. Andrew and Parris became more aware of the challenges of conveying new concepts and techniques to students. They were able to develop and refine teaching techniques. This rewarding experience was made possible through this requirement of the IGERT program.