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IGERT implemented university-wide seminar series

Education Achievements

IGERT implemented university-wide seminar series

The ABS-IGERT successfully implemented a university-wide seminar series. ABS Trainees were leaders in the 14th Annual Ecological Integration Symposium and Student Research Symposium constituting 50% of the organizing committee. ABS Trainees and Associates elected student representatives for all ABS Program Committees (Exec. Comm, Selection, Faculty meetings, Curriculum). Statistics on attendance to ABS-IGERT events: 11 seminars; 7 from outside speakers. We held 2 workshops and 4 cross-pollination groups. Average attendance was 65 for seminars and 25 for workshops. Participants came from 15 different departments and 6 Colleges. We held a film screening open to pubic attended by 64 people.