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IGERT Internship course

Education Achievements

IGERT Internship course

Robin Gerlach (MSU IGERT faculty member in Chemical and Biological Engineering) continued to teach DGED 676 - IGERT Internship. IGERT trainees are required to submit a detailed proposal outlining their internship request, which includes an invitation letter from the host institution and mentor, rationale, objectives, expected results and broader impacts of the trainees’ exposure and education in another country. After completion of the internship, IGERT trainees prepare a short (5 page report) as well as a short presentation on their primary internship activities and findings. Dr. Gerlach and a sub-committee of 2 additional IGERT faculty review, edit and improve both proposals and reports. This experience promotes prospective interns to solidify their proposals and technical writing skills. Dr. Gerlach also mentors, promotes, and requires that IGERT trainees obtain insight and experience regarding differences in research and scientific culture across the globe.