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Functional gene networks in Drosophila

Trainee Achievements

Functional gene networks in Drosophila

James Costello is an IGERT trainee co-advised by J. Andrews in the Department of Biology, and M. Dalkilic in the School of Informatics. The Andrews lab focuses on functional genomics and developmental biology in Drosophila and the Dalkilic lab focuses on bioinformatics and data mining. James' thesis research is interdisciplinary and bridges the research interests of his advisors. James is working on designing, developing, and implementing integration methods to connect disparate sources of genome-wide experimental data to construct and mine functional gene networks in Drosophila. IGERT support is giving James the opportunity to attend seminars and interact with experimental and evolutionary biologists that he wouldn't have otherwise. James recently presented his work at a national conference. James has published 7 papers and has two currently under review. James plans to graduate and has been invited to interview at MIT and Boston University for postdoctoral positions.