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Inter-program committee plans Career Exploration event

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Inter-program committee plans Career Exploration event

ICE IGERT recruited students from the NIH Chemistry-Biology Interface program and Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) program to form an inter-program planning committee for a fourth annual Career Exploration event. The theme was “Non-Academic Careers for Life Scientists and Engineers” and a professional panel featured a scientific editor, industry scientist, NIH scientist, strategic alliance manager, regulatory affairs manager, and consultant. During a networking luncheon, students engaged speakers in discussions about career path options, conducting effective job searches, and landing that first job. A talk entitled “Navigating the NIH Career Path: Tips from an Insider” discussed paths of entry, navigating the agency once there, and securing tenure track positions. The event attracted 125+ attendees from twenty departments and degree granting programs, including MCB, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Microbiology, Polymer Science and Engineering, and Veterinary and Animal Sciences.