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Students mentor and lead professional development

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Students mentor and lead professional development

In connection with the REU site in Perceptual Science and Technology, IGERT provided formal training in mentoring. Graduate mentors were assigned to REU interns, and led professional development workshops on topics such as programming, communication and research ethics. Mentors were trained by programs organized by the graduate school. Perceptual Science mentors then met as a group to set expectations for their students, to get advice about ongoing problems, and to discuss experiences. Specific issues include setting and monitoring research goals, giving students the right mix of structure and independence, delivering feedback constructively, and assessing students' talents and progress. For PhD students, participating in these activities provided a setting to build and document their research mentoring skills which will be a key part of their duties as they move on in academic careers. Participating trainees: Gerstner, McMahan, Johnson (Rehrig), Isacoff and Pantelis.