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Program develops 4 course sequence on sustainable cities

Education Achievements

Program develops 4 course sequence on sustainable cities

This IGERT program has developed a 4 course sequence on sustainable cities. The course "Introduction to Sustainable Urban Infrastructure" and its assessment was published in the peer-reviewed publication in Journal of Industrial Ecology.

Ramaswami, A., Weible C., Main, D., Heikkila, T., et al. (2012a). A Social-Ecological-Infrastructural Systems (SEIS) Framework for Inter-Disciplinary Study of Sustainable City-Systems: An Integrative Curriculum Across Seven Major Disciplines. J. Ind. Ecology. 16(6): 801-813.

The paper describes interdisciplinary pedagogy across six disciplines in our IGERT. This paper has provided an outcomes assessment of the modules within the courses and provided a valuable input on the sustainable infrastructure curriculum development. Cohorts have moved on to their research phase and the educational component is no longer active.