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Training leads to environmental historian position

Trainee Achievements

Training leads to environmental historian position

Trainee Andrew Stuhl has completed research and will defend his dissertation, “Empires on Ice: Science, Nature, and the Making of the Modern Arctic,” this summer. Stuhl’s work investigates the environmental and cultural history of resource extraction in the Canadian Arctic. His research focuses on encounters among Inuvialuit natives in the Beaufort-Delta region and non-native whalers, trappers, traders, and oil developers over the last two centuries, and illuminates the historical legacies at stake in contemporary debates about climate change. IGERT funding allowed Stuhl to live in Inuvik, NT, Canada while conducting research for his project. Partly as a result of his interdisciplinary training in the CHANGE-IGERT, Stuhl was invited for an interview for a position as the sole tenure-track environmental historian in Bucknell College’s Environmental Studies program. He was offered the position and starts in August, 2013.